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Conversion Guides 15-December-2009 13:56
After many years doing these conversions i have written some usefull guides which can be found here :

Conversion Guides

Another new project 25-October-2005 22:51
Ok the 1.6 se mini is done , now somthing for me , its time to finally do a RWD mini ... going to use the good old XE , but to keep the project cheap i will be using std vauxhall suspension , check out all the progress at :

My next project is .... 05-June-2005 22:07
My 1.6 8v Conversion
Thought i would do somthing a little simpler this time , and quicker to build i hope.
It is a 1.6 vauxhall conversion from Allspeed.

Also this will its about time i built a car for the wife , so this is dedicated to her. Keep any eye on the new site for updates over the next few weeks.

Its forsale !! 24-April-2005 08:55
Ok the time has come to move onto bigger and better things, so my pride and joy is up forsale. I am looking for 3500 ukpounds for it. So if anyones been dreaming about buing my car over the last 6 years .. now is your chance !

I hope it will go to a good home , so if you want the chance to own the only FWD 2.5 litre v6 mini estate .. then send me a email :


Next New Project 10-April-2005 22:16
ok .. i get bored to quickley , check out my latest project at :

16v mini update - not a 16v mini anymore 25-October-2004 13:59
Had two full days at the weekend , old ECO-TEC engine came out ... and in went the 2.5 litre v6 engine !!!!!! , wont go into lots of details as all the photos and text are over at the main site : , but thought you guys should be told , so for now i guess there is not going to be many more updates on this site.

thanks for reading and helping me through my projects.

v6 wanted 27-September-2004 15:17
I am looking for a damaged 2.5 v6 vauxhall engine , i need it for my other project. I don't need a working engine as i want to design engine mounts etc.. so it does not have to be a runner.

Anyone know of one laying about let us know.


Retro Cars Magazine - I am in it. 16-August-2004 09:27
Finally i have found fame at last , well sort of. They asked me if i wanted to be in a article on tuned estate cars, i said yes. Had a great time up at the Bruntingthorpe proving ground , only one other car turned up in the end, a truimph vitesse estate. My car ran fine untill the end when i had to drive home :( was getting allot of fumes from the crank case breathers ... cut a very long story short .. two of my pistons had broken .. still drove home though :)

After changing the pistons last week and rebuilding the engine it all ran fine again ... but a few hours after it was running fine it has developed a miss fire/stumbling ... so the problems never end and i can't find the problem at the momment.

I think i must check the advance curve on the ignition as i had pistons go on me last year, can't see what else it can be for the momment.

So if you fancy seeing my stupid face , go and be retro cars on page 40 23-May-2004 20:18
Ok spent the last 3 weeks salving over the website and not over the project, but i needed a site for it first.

Please check it out , and give feed back , you will need to register if you would like to be informed of changes , or want to leave coments etc..

not that many photos yet .. but more will come !

I hope you like my new project as much as you have liked this one !

So far 20-April-2004 13:43
Everything is still running ok , few niggles , a small fuel leak in the surge tank i made.
I need to fix the leak , maybe make a new tank ? and the TB's mountings need looking at maybe some more brackets to hold them together and to the head. As vibration is causing a problem.

Still no chance/money for a rolling road yet ... but some friend with a WB have said i can come over and do some tuning one day.

On a side note ... will be picking up a engine next week for me next project .... will keep you posted

Mini45 at the weekend 01-April-2004 12:32
I will be on our 16v Mini Club stand at Mini 45 (Sandown Race Course) so please keep an eye out for my car , and come and say hi.


Fuel injection on and running 01-March-2004 13:49
Sorry for the lack of updates , been to busy trying to get the fuel injection running, and it does ! , so using GSXR throttle bodies , GSXR fuel pump and the megasquirt ECU i have got the engine driveable after 30 minutes of driving.

Still learning how to tune , i have not gone of 3000 rpm yet.

Please anyquestions leave them in the gallery under the picture of the TB's and i will try and answer them.



Miss fire again .. but not the ignition 17-October-2003 11:25
One the way home friday night i started to get a miss fire , then some fumes coming into the car. Once home lifted the bonnet and saw the fumes coming from the crank case breather ! ... which mean either head gasket .. or rings/piston.

Did a compresion test , no 2 was down to 60psi , so off came the head, head gasket was not the best i had ever seen , but still no 100% proof of blowing.

So off came the sump and lifted no2 piston out ... DOH .. found the problem the piston had broken !! , lucky to get away with that :) .. time to buy new pistons and put the engine back together ... check out the gallery for pictures of the broken piston.

Vuaxhall 8v forsale 22-September-2003 16:33
One of our club memembers has fitted a 8v engine into his mini and put it up for sale on ebay :

this would be a very good starting point for anyone wanting to go the 16v route.


ECU is complete 12-September-2003 22:34
Have fully assembled the Megasquirt ECU , and tested using there test board , all seems to be fine , it really did not take long to build at all <5 hours overall.

Had a few missing components etc.. but nothing maplin's could not help me with.
The next stage is to get it wired into the car with all sensors , and then get it to controll the spark eg advance/retard. once i am happy with the unit i can then start pushing ahead with the injection system.

Check the gallery for pictures of the ECU , and please take a look at the home page for MegaSquirt.

Website Problems 29-July-2003 13:34
I have lost my last 8 weeks of website updates :( , my webhosting company's server went down big time , one thing or another this is what i have now.

I will try and find/upload all the missing gallery pictures , also some of the news.

Sorry for any problems , please stay with me on this.



Got all the bits nearly 22-July-2003 00:00
Have learnt allot about fuel injection over the last 4 weeks , still lots more to learn.

I have finally got most of the parts needed , :

throttle bodies
fuel pump
All parts to build the ecu (PCB's arrived today)

Also bought my self a Palm IIIc hand held , very cheap of ebay , this will be able to link to the fuel injection ecu and log/show what the engine is doing , also you can adjust all the fuel tables using it as well , best to get the passenger to do this.

This is where the power of the megasquirt comes into its own , as its a nill profit project , everything is open to everone which allows people to do anything , in this case write software for a palm to talk to the ECU , dont know of any off the shelf ecu to allow that , i know you can usse laptops , but for the cost of a palm (50 quid) its not bad !

will be taking photos of the build of the ECU soon.

link to mega squirt : Mega Squirt

Pictures / Update 08-July-2003 00:00
Ok have uploaded some pictures of the seatbelts and the GSXR throttle bodies which i have bought.

Have used the seat belts a few times now with the kids and they work very well , my kids are 5 and 3 , the 3 year old uses a booster seat (britax Kid)

Onto the injection side i am just waiting for my MegaSquirt PCB to arrive then i can get on , have the fuel pump(20 quid) / GSXR throttle bodes(70quid)
would be nice to get it all running ASAP as i am still not running airfilters.

The TB's will give me allot more room to make an air box to connect to one filter.

check out the gallery and leave any questions you have.

Miss Fire - Fixed 23-June-2003 00:00
Miss fire was getting worse , checked plugs and they where very black , so thought i would see what would happen when i took the airfilters off .....

Christ the car went , miss fire all gone , its the best it has ever driven !!!

So ... what next , the filters i have are some old piper X ones i had left over from awhile ago , i know people dont rate these much ...what should i get instead ?

Can these ones i have be washed ? if so how ? any adive people ?



Seatbelts / Injection 12-June-2003 00:00
Hi all,

As the car still is not running properly , for one reason or another, i have started my mind a thinking . I thought lets go the injection route ... after getting quotes for 2000 UKpounds for a full setup ... after allot of thinking i decided i could not find the money for that yet. It was a very nice setup from QED.

Ok what was my next choice ? Well i found this MegaSquirt. It is a Fuel Injection ECU which you make your self, All the parts needed are listed, Its more of a DIY option , but thats what we like ! :) check there site for prices , it is US , but there quite a few people in the UK who have built them and got them running in cars.

Now what i need is some throttle bodies , a good source is off a Suziki GSXR750/1000 motorbike , so if you have some kicking around please let me know.

Will update more when the parts for the ECU arrive.

Next : Rear Seatbelts

Have booked into a Quickfitsbs/ which fit seatbelts to classic cars , Going down this Monday coming , as a bonus Miniworld Magazine is coming down to do an article on fitting them , so keep an eye out for that.

Thats it for now , wait for pics next week.

Big update time 08-May-2003 08:21
Small problem I had the other week..... the bonnet flipped up ! , did not mention it as I was ashamed ! :)
All my fault , I never fitted a safety catch !!!! , I have now and my dad has bent the bonnet back enough for it to fit , but it will need respray etc sometime.

Still getting miss fires over 5000rpm , so I am booking into a rolling road again next week (more details about then)
I will be on the London to Brighton run on the 18th of May , please come and say hi, also the week after I will be at a small event called the Crawley Car Show.

Have started fitting the electric window kit which I bought years ago, have only done drivers side.

Will post more news next week after the rolling road / and London to Brighton. hopefully they will sort the running of the car out once and for all.

take care.

Tax - Driven 02-April-2003 15:24
Got tax yesterday , but was raining so i only got to drive the car down to the garage to fill it up with petrol. Was only in the petrol station a minute when someone asked what engine i had :) spend the next 10 minutes chatting !

Drove the car to work today and also went out at lunch for a bit, things that need to be done :

1) Wipers dont work to well
2) Cant get 5th gear, to do with amount of movment on the linkage
3) Fueld sender does not seem to work
4) Miss fire over 4500 rpm

but overall very please so far , no major problems and have not broken down :)
Next thing to do is sort out 5th gear !

She's back home. 17-March-2003 09:36
My dad came round sunday , with my Mini on a trailor !!! ,she has come back to her home.

If you think i have been driving it for the last month you are wrong i am afraid. Due to lots of different reasons the car is still not taxed , and there are a few little jobs to be done.

But now she is back i can work on them. I did take for a spin up the road , first time i have driven it in the dry .... its quick !!

While my dad was over .. he collected the neighbours MG based V8 kit car ... needs some work + MOT ... should keep my dad busy as he is still out of work.

Hopefully some driving reports very soon.

We have an MOT 12-February-2003 08:40
Thanks big time to the boys at Minispeed , they helped sort out any problems we had , you can now drive the car without having to wheel sping it :) , the flat spot has now gone.

We still have a problem top end , either a fueling problem or a cam timing problem ? we need to check , could not get the cam belt cover off without the front coming off ! DOH:)

But its got a ticket and now we can drive it to improve it more , as we had some problems at top end we could not do a full power run , but at one time we where getting 115bhp at 5000rpm before we backed off , and it WAS climbing !!

Also we need to move the fuel pump to the back as it is a pusher not a sucker, which may cause problems.

Thanks for everyone that has helped over the last few years, and every that keeps visiting the site , i hope to see some of you at the shows this year , come over and say hi.


Rolling Road Time 10-February-2003 13:54
After finding some air leaks around the inlet manifold which have helped allot the car still is not right in low down revs , so i have booked into a rolling road at Mini Speed for 10:30 tommorow. I am also going to have it 4 wheeled align + an MOT !!!! yes an MOT !! so if all goes well tommorow is the day.

Will post an update with pictures tommorow when i have any news.

thanks to everyone that sent me emails in helping sort out the engine.

First Drive 06-February-2003 08:14
Went to try and pop down the local garage to fill it up with petrol , but we did not get there :)

As we went to pull out of the drive it lost all power if you tried to accellerate slowley , if you booted it and got some wheelspin going it pulled away like a rocket !!!

some questions maybe you can answer them:

1) What could be causing it to not accelearte slowly?
2) What am i supose to do with the vacum advance now i have webers ? i have taken it off one inlet at the moment , but this causes a pulsing effect ? should i just fix the advance ?

we are running twin 40's of unknown origin.

any ideas ?


Driven it !!! 02-February-2003 22:02
Well not very far , but still got wheel spin :) getting to the last few bits now , got insurance through HIC , 280 quid ! :) not bad.

Check out gallery for new photo's and hopffuly maybe next week will be telling you i have a MOT !!

speak to you soon.


Nearly There... 24-January-2003 10:30
Worked on the car last night with my dad, helped bleed the brakes. Still seem a bit spongy but this could be to do with the new shoes etc.. on the back not bed in yet ?.

All the electrics are working , water pipes connected up,carbs on.

Two things i need to find :

1) Wiper Washer Bottle
2) Fog lamp switch

Anyone ? Bought some metro seats the other day so need to fit those , going to recover the rear mini seats to match.

Really not much more to do now !

We have power ... 07-January-2003 10:28
Well electrical power anyway ... As my dad has not found a job yet ( am sure he likes playing on my car than earning money :)) We have got the dash board in and working , rear subframe been in and out with drums put back on for now. Fuel tank in ,suspension all setup , master cylinder is waiting on a repair kit.

Replacing the fuse box with a new blade type as the old one is shot to bits.
Lights are being put back in , horn on etc.. :) .. We can smell the MOT now !

A shot of the digital dash is in the gallery.

Email Change 12-December-2002 19:58
After getting 200+ junk emails a day i have changed email address .. you can now email me at



Digital Dash 25-November-2002 13:51
If you are intrested in the digital dash you can find out all the details at : , Dont forget to mention where you saw the dash from. Thanks

Engine in. 25-November-2002 13:44
The engine is back in , subframe/baulk head all painted.
Sensors for the digital dash have been fitted to the engine.
Alternator is back on and fits very well. We still have allot to do but take a look at the latest pictures in the gallery for progress.

Engine out ..again 01-November-2002 13:31
Of engine + subframe are not out of the car , the baulkhead is nearly all welded up ready for painting. Subframe also needs a coat of paint.
Hopfully over the next few weeks we can start putting things back.

We have decided for time reasons to put drums on the back again. Should save
time setting up.

Also i have cheated and bought a digital dashboard !!! Not saying much about it yet untill it arrives, which should be next week somtime.

well thats it for now, thanks for watching.

All Painted 30-September-2002 08:28
After having better weather this weekend we managed to finish painting the car.
Still needs a good wax one the paint has hardend off. Seem to get allot of over spray when doing the laquer , maybe lower psi needed in the gun ? but it seems like just dust as it wipes off ok.

Next : Engine back out , spray baulk head, paint subframe , sort out the suspesion. so untill next time....

16v Trubo Mini For Sale - Not Mine 24-September-2002 08:43
Fellow 16v'er Robert is selling his 2lt 16v Turbo Mini. He is open to offers around 7000 ukpounds.

Take a look at : and email him any questions at :

This is a lovely car and he has spent ALLOT of money on it over the last two years.

Top coat - nearly on 23-September-2002 09:52
Well , the weather was not perfect , but we still went ahead.
We first finished off some parts that needed a little bit of primer , and then
put the top coat on the areas which are hidden , eg under bonnet , backs of doors.
We also done the wheel arches .. which turned out ok.
The problems started when we went to do the top coat on the shell , the weather just got a bit colder and we think this caused a reaction with the paint thinners on the primer , beacuse it was not warm enough the thinners did not evaporate quicker enough.

We are no experts in painting so please feel free to look at the pictures in the gallery and tell me what you think.(or leave comments on the pages)

We are going to rub down the trouble areas and try again on a warmer day .. if we get one. (unless someone in the gatwick area has a car oven they can lend me ? :))

Paint is nearly on 27-August-2002 21:07
Well the under coat is going on , front end is nearly finished , hopfully it will all be in under coat this week, spent sunday taking all the last odds and sods of the car , rear lights, headlining etc...

And check out the gallery for all new pictures !!!

Progress a last 22-August-2002 14:37

Had a play at lunch with my digital dash board bits in my work draw :) .. got the LCD display to work with the stamp chip ... next thing to do is build a speed sensor.

Also my Dad has been working on the mini this week , got the bonnet painted in under coat , and is just filling the front end (which needs alot of filler) hopfully get some top coat on in the next couple of weeks .

thats it for now . will get some pics this weekend for everyone to see the progress.

Its on the move ! 14-June-2002 09:08
Well sort of ... it has moved over to my parents so my dad can start on the body work and painting.

I have bought the paint .. matalic blue ...mmmmmmmm, Also i have bought some tickets for Mini In The Park .. which is on 18th August, so i sort of aming to get the car there ... but depends on allot !:)

Shall put some new photos up as soon as the car looks any different !


Hi All 25-April-2002 20:04
I am sorry again for the lack of updates ... had allot of other more important things to do in life , but progress should be made soon .. abit not from though as the mini is off the the body shop for finishing and painting (eg my Dad ! )
as he is out of work at the mo .. and loves working with mini's !!!

So hopfully that should get the body sorted and maybe an MOT enough to get me to the shows this year to finish the inside of the car off.

Thats all for now .. keep you posted of any changes with pics.

I am still here 14-January-2002 12:18
Have not done much on it for awhile now , a friend is coming round tommorow night so that should make me get on with it !.
Have been busy helping on a quake3 mod MFQ3 if you are intrested
My dad is out of work at the end of the month so he said he would paint the car for me (for some $$$)
I am really going to push now and get the thing done for this year shows.
Scott you still want a lift to the IMM ?

Well after tommorow i should have some new photos so please check back soon.

bye for now

I am still here 30-October-2001 16:09
Sorry if you think this project is dead ... it is NOT !! , i have been very busy with my family etc ... so i have had not much time to do anything.

Picked up a electric window kit, and also popped down to the southern mini day and got some chromy bits . Have added all these to the shelf for later :)

Still working on the flip front , have started on the passenger side catch not( after cutting the wing up again !) Once that catch is done i can get onto making the bonnet. Will try and post more pics soon.


Had a few Days off 01-August-2001 20:12
Got a couple of days off the other day and got a few hours to work on the mini !:)
Still working on the flip front , major job as i want to have some good catches on the front , which means the flip front has to hinge and locate well = time !

Off to southern mini day this weekend to buy some bits .. Look out for my 16vmini t-shirt and say hi if you see me !

Well thats it for now .. read the comments in the gallery and leave any questions you have !


Finally an update 29-May-2001 11:51
Sorry again .. been on holiday, plus family keeps me busy... took a day off work the other day so got some work done. Have pretty much finished the top suspension mounts (need some tweaking). Also now have the flip front hinging , but still need to make some locks for the back of it.

I am going to try and get allot more done over the next month so please stay with me !

Suspension 22-March-2001 23:57
Again ..sorry for the lack of updates... family comes first with me.
Just put some progress shots of the suspension up for you lot to give your views on. The shock still hits when the wheel is in the fully down position. I cant move the top mount any more without major inner wing changes.

Radiator Fitted 07-March-2001 23:35
I now have the radiator fitted again :) Not to sure what car it was off, so still not sure if it will cool it ... will find out if we ever have a summer.

Next is the shock mounts and the hinges for the flip front. Have bought some metal for the shock mounts, just need to work out the dimensions.

Again sorry for the lack of updates but family life has been busy... also looking for new house (more drive space :))

4 new pics in the gallery for you.

Exhausted Out ! 08-February-2001 10:06
Ok ... sorry for the lack of updates... been ill etc..
Welded up the manfiold last night... still need to make the bottom part of it up back to the mini exhaust ... but that should not be to hard.

I have managed to gain my self another 1 inch of so ... I know it does not sound like much but it is. The rad is still tight in there.. so I am planning on going down the scrap yard at lunch to messure up some other rads.

See you soon.

p.s. Keep getting requests for lots more photos so I will try and take more while I am doing things on the car.

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